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Archived USBTA Trainings

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RTP Bomb Squad Chemical Threat Response
30 March 2021 @1100 est 

Bomb Squad Chemical Threat Response, Overview of the WISER application for Hazardous Materials Response using scenario based activities and Covid-19 response for bomb squads

Presented by: Doyle Manke  State Trooper in Colorado for 20 Years. Hazardous Materials Instructor for Transportation Test Center Pueblo, Colo for 5 years. Emergency Response Senior Instructor for Louisiana State University 23 years.

rtp december 2 (2)

February 23, 2021 RECON Component ID & XTK 3

This presentation will cover the basics of using the RECON component ID training resources (

RECON was developed by CTTSO and Sandia National Laboratories, and is freely available to all certified bomb technicians to help improve x-ray interpretation and component identification skills.

We will also cover basic usage of XTK 3 and demonstrate the integration between XTK 3 and the RECON site.

rtp december 2 (1)

RTP January 12 TinkerCAD

Introduction to using TinkerCAD to build and simulate basic analog and Arduino based circuits. 

SMSgt Kline is a highly experienced and well qualified instructor and facilitates this training from the perspective of an operator/bomb technician.

This is an excellent overview of an open source software program to help the bomb technician build circuits for training with ease and confidence!

Join us for another outstanding FREE training! 


RTP December 29 with CTTSO

Join us for another great, FREE training.

1100 Welcome Chris Rogers USBTA

1110 CTTSO Organization Mission Brief and Focus Areas John Moore CTTSO

1200 “From Concept to Reality” – a selection of successful CTTSO projects John Moore CTTSO

1230 Enhancing Bomb Disposal Operations Through Machine Learning “Intelligent Second Look (I2L)” Phil Stimac & Greg Hewitt Deep Analytics, LLC

Time Break

1300 Robot-Mounted Standoff HME Detection “Pendar X10” Romain Blanchard Pendar Technologies

1330 EOD Maker: “E-Library of Printable IED Circuits” Jeff Jennings Improvised Electronics

1400 Humanoid Robotic Platform for Bomb Disposal Operations NASA’s “Valkyrie” Dr. Ed Bundy CTTSO

1430 Coming Soon: Review of active project portfolio for the IDD/EC Subgroup John Moore CTTSO

1455 Close John Moore CTTSO

14 DEC 2020 1100 EST

The United States Bomb Technician Association (USBTA) is proud to present a FREE Online Arduino Wire Attack Build Training funded by the Counter Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), instructed by Improvised Electronics.

This training is open to ALL active duty military EOD and public safety bomb technicians. The first 100 participants to register will receive a free Arduino wire attack kit.


WHEN: 14 DEC 2020 at 1100-1400 PST or 16 DEC 2020 at 0900-1100 PST



RTP 9 REDOPS Tool Build Demonstration
15 DEC 2020 1100 EST

Demonstrate the building and operation of REDOPS Micro R&D robotic door opening tools. Will also demonstrate a robotic cargo truck opening and access technique.

Participants will use a shopping list, provided after registration to acquire the supplies necessary to build this tool along with the REDOPS team.

This is a very unique RTP and should not be missed! The REDOPS team will also conduct a demonstration of the tool’s effectiveness with the support of the Delaware State Police Bomb Squad.

This will be a two part live event, the build process immediately followed by the demonstration. Make sure you join us for this free online training!