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Top Bomb Technician Critical Skills Challenge & Technology Training Expo

  • 4 Dec 2018
  • 7 Dec 2018
  • Orlando, FL (14500 Wewahootee Road, Orlando FL 32832)


  • Industry Partner of the USBTA who wishes to support the Bomb Technician Critical Skills Challenge with their tools and equipment.
  • Any Individual or Bomb Technician who wishes to observe the event but not participate in the actual competition. To Train on current and future technologies in tasks oriented scenarios provided by the manufacturers.
  • A Current Bomb Technician (Military or Public Safety) who wishes to actively participate in the Critical Skills Challenge. You do not need to be a member of the USBTA to participate.

You do not need to be a member of the USBTA to observe or participate.
Registration is closed

The Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), the U.S. Bomb Technician Association (USBTA), and the Orange County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad are proud to announce the first annual “Top Bomb Technician Competition.” This competition will allow military and civilian bomb technicians to test individual critical skills against other competitors, using a variety of tools and equipment provided by our industry partners. This competition focuses on the individual knowledge, skills, and abilities that all bomb technicians need to be recognized as an individual at the top of their field. 

The competition will take place over 4 days (December 4–7, 2018) in Orlando, Florida, and is open to bomb technicians worldwide.

Bomb Technicians will begin the competition by taking a knowledge assessment, focusing on explosives and explosive chemistry, electronics, applied physics, blast effects, and general bomb technician knowledge. This will be followed by individual, timed lanes, where bomb technicians test their skills in the following areas:

  • X-Ray Interpretation,
  • Precision Disruption,
  • Hand/Manual Entry,
  • Robot Operations,
  • Rigging Techniques/Hook & Line
  • Explosives Threat Identification/HME
  • Booby Traps
  • Circuit Building & Cap Diagnostics

In addition, there will be a Bomb Suit Challenge aimed at assessing the competitor’s ability to function well while in a bomb suit. Competitors will have to perform physical and mental tasks, as well as demonstrating dexterity and problem solving.

Finally, bomb technicians will be given a Complex Scenario where they can select their choice of tactics, techniques, and procedures to resolve an ongoing incident. Immediately following the resolution of the incident however, bomb technicians will sit before a panel that will question the bomb technician regarding tool selection, procedural choices, and overall logic flow during the incident. This is one case where just being lucky won’t get you points.

Because these are individual tasks, operators expected to bring their own personal protective equipment, such as eyewear, gloves, earplugs, etc. All other tools, accessories, and equipment will be provided. Technicians will also have an opportunity to see and use a variety of new tools and technologies supplied by vendors and provide feedback on that equipment.

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