Training Brief: Operation City of Palms: TTE January 30 - February 01, 2024, Lee County, Florida. The United States Bomb Technician Association (USBTA), in collaboration with the Southwest Florida Police Bomb Squads, will be conducting a Technology Training Exercise (TTE) to evaluate and assess current and emerging bomb disposal technologies in Lee County, Florida. This training is free to all Military Explosives Ordnance Disposal Technicians and Public Safety Bomb Technicians. The USBTA and the Lee County Bomb Squad, along with our Industry Partners, will supply all necessary equipment during this event. Through multiple real-life scenarios and various training aids, this TTE allows attending technicians to work with cutting-edge equipment, involving current threats facing our Nation and Bomb Technicians in the most challenging environments. The USBTA Technology Training Exercises (TTEs) meet the formal training requirements for Bomb Technician proficiency, as outlined in the National Guidelines for Bomb Squads. The USBTA, along with our Industry Partners, delivers training on both current and emerging bomb response/mitigation technologies in the following areas:

Homemade Explosives Identification, Robotics, Standoff Disruption, EOD Tool Development, Rigging, X-Ray Techniques and Interpretation, Bomb Suit Applications, UAV Operations, Hand Entry, and Booby Trap Mitigation Techniques.