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Upcoming Trainings for Bomb Technicians

Eastern National Robot Rodeo
August 2-6, 2021

The ENRR exposes active members of military and public safety bomb squads to new products and technology, while providing real-time feedback (i.e., as part of an Operational Evaluation) to event facilitators sponsors and supporting vendors. Dr. John Olive, Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Subject Matter Expert said “The ENRR allows us to identify potential operational requirement gaps through challenging, real world scenarios, and provides exposure to available robotic technologies.” This multi-agency event provides an opportunity for participants to network with other bomb technicians and exchange information on tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Operation Windy City
TTE Chicago, IL
September 8-10, 2021

Operation Windy City is a three-day training event that connects active bomb technicians (Military and Public Safety) with equipment manufactures for the purpose of exploring new technology and enhancing critical bomb disposal skills. Bomb Technicians will be assigned teams, and after a short demonstration about a particular piece of equipment, the team will use the equipment in a scenario-based training exercise.

Feedback about the equipment is a critical component of USBTA’s Technology Training Events. By providing manufactures feedback, bomb technicians have a direct hand in modifying, enhancing, and/or developing new tools.

The USBTA and its Industry Partners strive to bring the latest technologies to these events. Some equipment is commercially available, while other equipment may still be in a prototype phase. Typical equipment involved in a USBTA TTE are: robotics, radiography, rigging, explosive detection equipment, new energetic tools, explosive containment vessels, and much more.

Operation Windy City, like all USBTA events is 100% free to our members.

Training Schedule

September 7 - Travel | Team Assignments | Industry Setup

September 8 - 0800-1700 Mandatory Safety Brief | Training

September 9 - 0800-1700 Mandatory Safety Brief | Training

September 10 - 0800-1700 Mandatory Safety Brief | Training

TTE Orlando, FL
November 29-December 3, 2021

Mark your calendars, the United States Bomb Technician Association (USBTA), is happy to announce its 2021 Technology Training Event (TTE) schedule. Each event is supported by a host bomb squad, industry, and other government partners such as the Battle Lab Division at Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head (NSWC IHD).

Battle Lab Division is a new concept of operations at NSWC IHD to meet EOD equipment needs. Its goal is to leverage existing organization Subject Matter Expertise, industry and government partnerships, and EOD community involvement to assess equipment options, and provide actionable data and feedback, informing equipment buying decisions.

The USBTA’s TTEs are three-day (24 hours) events that bring bomb technicians (military and public safety) and Counter-IED industry together to employ current, and emerging, technology using challenging, realistic, hands-on scenarios. These scenarios are designed to challenge the bomb technicians and explore the limits of C-IED technology.

These events are free to attend and participants are not required to bring team or individual, equipment.

The USBTA could not offer these events without the support of our gracious host bomb squads.


TTE Sacramento, CA