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military bomb techniciansThe United States Bomb Technician Association (USBTA) was formed by current and former Public Safety and Military Bomb Technicians who strongly believe that training with and learning from each other is vital in today’s world where the use of Improvised Explosive Devices are being used to cause harm and destroy property.  A primary focus is to give manufacturers the opportunity in a training environment to display/demo current and future technologies in  task oriented exercises for Public Safety and Military Bomb Technicians.

The United States Bomb Technician community is small and whether you operate in a public safety or military environment our purpose is the same, to render safe Improvised Explosive Devices. Many in the Bomb Technician Community have sacrificed much and the USBTA will be there to support them when needed. Other than facilitating this unique training the USBTA will be a conduit for Bomb Technicians who are in need of assistance. These will include linking up potential companies with those seeking employment, sharing of information between Bomb Technicians in a secure forum web site and providing support to any Bomb Technician and their family when needed.

bomb tech in suitThe USBTA has realized that there are many partners and organizations in our community who support us in our mission. We hope to also be a conduit for them to reach out to those who are actively trying to render safe dangerous devices to provide the needed equipment and training so they can do the job safely.

The USBTA was formed by Bomb Technicians for Bomb Technicians. We feel more can be done for those with in this great community. We are committed and our pledge is to be there for each other when needed and be that partner many have desired and hoped for.

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