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Upcoming Trainings for Bomb Technicians

National Robot Rodeo

July 31 - August 4, 2023

National Robot Rodeo

Humble, Texas

The use of advanced robotics in public safety and military bomb squad communities has grown significantly over the past few decades. As technology increases, bomb technicians need to better understand the capabilities and limitations of these systems in order to align industry research and development (R&D) with the needs of responders based on real-world applications. The NRR brings together experienced operators from military and public safety bomb squads to evaluate new and emerging robotic capabilities in real-world operating environments. In partnership, the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC); the Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Office for Bombing Prevention (DHS CISA OBP; the Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division (NSWC IHD), Sandia National Laboratory (SNL), and the United Kingdom Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (UK-Dstl) is sponsoring the 7th annual NRR. The event is hosted at the Harris County Fire Marshall's Office, near Houston, Texas with the support of the United States
Bomb Technicians Association (USBTA).

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Operation New York State of Mind 
August 21 - August 24, 2023

Event Description

The United States Bomb Technician Association (USBTA), in collaboration with the New York State Police Bomb Squad, will be conducting a Technology Training Exercise (TTE) for enhanced Bomb Technician Training in Oriskany, New York. This training is free to all Military Explosives Ordnance Disposal Technicians and Public Safety Bomb Technicians. The USBTA, the New York State Police Bomb Squad, along with our Industry Partners, will supply all necessary equipment during this event. Through multiple real-life scenarios and various training aids, this TTE allows attending technicians to work with cutting-edge equipment, involving current threats facing our communities and Technicians in the most challenging environments.

The USBTA Technology Training Exercises (TTE) meet the formal training requirement for bomb technician proficiency, as outlined in the National Guidelines for Bomb Squads. The USBTA, along with our Industry Partners, delivers training on both current and emerging bomb response/mitigation technologies in the following areas:

Homemade Explosives Identification, Robotics, Standoff Disruption, EOD Tool Development, Rigging, X-Ray Techniques and Interpretation, Bomb Suit Applications, UAV Operations, Hand Entry, and Booby Trap Mitigation Techniques.

Location:  The training will take place at the: Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services State Preparedness Training Center5900 AIRPORT RD, ORISKANY, NY 13424

Dates:  August 22 - August 24 (Travel days are Monday, August 21, and Friday, August 25, 2023).

Accommodations:  The hotel for this event: FairField Inn and Double Tree You must put in the dates that you want to stay before you click find or it will come back saying that the rate isn't available.

USBTA Bomb Dude

Other Upcoming Events / Trainings

  • HME and Counter IED research projects with DOD at BDTTC, Indian Head, Md commencing in January 2023
  • Quarterly DOD Joint EOD Planning Sessions at BDTTC, Indian Head (These include staff from all 4 military EOD groups who discuss funding, procurement, and new technology planning.
  • (2) skunk work projects in partnership with Federal and DOD partners solving real world problems with Industry, Bomb Technicians and Scientist, BDTTC Indian Head, (Spring and Fall) (New for 2023).
  • Quarterly Metro Tech meetings hosted at BDTTC, Indian Head.
  • Bomb Prevention Summit Tentative 2ndquarter May, (3) day conference involving industry, Federal and DOD partners in DC area (New for 2023).  The summit will include awards and a fundraising GALA in support of the EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF) and Bomb Technician Memorial Foundation (BTMF).
  • Industry campfire exercises, 3rd, and 4thquarters (New for 2023). Industry, Bomb Technicians, Federal and DOD partners come together to discuss needs and requirements, sponsored by Naval Surface Warfare Center at BDTTC, Indian Head, Md.
  • Industry show case – At BDTTC (New for 2023) (1-to-2-day event with static displays and demonstration opportunities for Federal, DOD, Congressional and other leaders of the EOD community.
  • EOD Day on the Hill – May 23 – 25 (Actual Dates TBD), 2023.
  • Congressional visits(One for Senate and one for the House) May and October 2023.
  • (2) Additional Modified TTE’s at BDTTC, Indian Head, Md for the Bomb Technician Community.
  • Critical Skills Challenge Orlando, Fla – November 27 – Dec 1