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Upcoming Trainings for Bomb Technicians

The 2021 Critical Skills Challenge and Outdoor Technology Trade Show

November 30 - December 3

Critical Skills Challenge in Orlando, FL

The United States Bomb Technician Association (USBTA), and the Orange County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad are proud to announce the third annual Critical Skills Challenge. This event is a competition that brings together military and public safety bomb technicians to test their knowledge, skills, and abilities while using a variety of tools and equipment. The top three bomb technicians will have the opportunity to be recognized by Congress in Washington DC by the EOD Caucus in Spring of 2022. 

Outdoor Technology Trade Show

This three (3) day technology trade show give bomb technicians the opportunity to see the latest bomb disposal equipment, but rather than observe the equipment as a static display, you will have the opportunity to actually go hands on and test the equipment under controlled (range) conditions.

Do not want to compete? You can still observe the competition and attend outdoor technology trade show.
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