The USBTA Bomb Disposal Technology and Training Center

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USBTA and NSWC IHD (Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head) have collaborated to re-envision the process through which life-saving technologies that support the First Responder community are ideated/conceived, developed, prototyped, manufactured, and procured. This collaboration also addresses improvements to operational training/education, product improvement, and awareness of charitable efforts across the First Responder and Warfighter communities.

The basis for this collaborative effort is a Partnership Intermediary Agreement that established in 2019 between the USBTA and NSWC IHD. Through this unique teaming arrangement, USBTA can make available to industry and academia the unique facilities, capabilities, and expertise of the NSWC IHD. These facilities and capabilities include ~15 unique industrial complexes, testing facilitates capable of scientific analysis from single molecules to large rocket motor test, non-destructive interrogation, detonation sciences, exploitation/disassembly, robotics, and much more. Additionally, world renowned experts in the fields such as energetic synthesis, energetic formulation, detonation sciences, EOD Tool development, and ordnance disassembly all reside in NSWC IHD.

Additionally, this collaborative program has established well defined pathways for the execution of topic-specific partnership agreements, non-FAR-based execution of government funds for prototyping and technology demonstration, and a “layered” approach to partnering that allows for full coverage, decreased risk, and maximum flexibility. This partnership allows for all industry and academic institutions to leverage the benefits of access, collaboration, and information sharing across ALL of the partners.

The collaborative Technology Park established by USBTA and NSWC IHD is also a venue for engagement and collaboration with active-duty Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) warfighters from all military branches, and public safety bomb technicians. This space provides for classified and unclassified training, educational, and collaboration spaces; a venue for technology demonstration/showcasing; and a secure and equipped environment for prototyping, fabrication, and experimentation.

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