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Current & Upcoming

Raven’s Challenge Oriskany, NY

June 12-17 – Oriskany, NY

Raven’s Challenge Camp Williams, UT

May 15-20 – Camp Williams, UT

Raven’s Challenge Camp Grover, OK

April 3-8 – Camp Grover, OK

Raven’s Challenge Camp Blanding, FL

March 6-11 – Camp Blanding, FL

Eastern National Robot Rodeo ENRR August 2-6, 2021 Participant Registration

Participants will have an opportunity to utilize various robotics technology in a myriad of complex urban scenarios designed to replicate commonly encountered threats across the nation. This includes the following: • IED and VBIED Disablement • CONOPS – Joint (DoD – Public Safety) Event • TTPs – Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures • Transportation – Planes,…

RTP 9 REDOPS Tool Build Demonstration 15 DEC 2020 1100 EST

Demonstrate the building and operation of REDOPS Micro R&D robotic door opening tools. Will also demonstrate a robotic cargo truck opening and access technique.   Participants will use a shopping list, provided after registration to acquire the supplies necessary to build this tool along with the REDOPS team.   This is a very unique RTP…