USBTA Chair of Academic Steering Committee Press Release:

The United States Bomb Technician Association (USBTA) is proud to name Daniel “Dan” DeMott as Chair of the USBTA Academic Steering Committee. This committee of Academia will explore and define the best means of collaboration to support the USBTA mission: “The United States Bomb Technician Association strives to fuse Bomb Disposal Professionals, Academics, Technology Developers, and Innovators by providing forums, venues and events to share resources, ideas, and experiences. By establishing an interwoven network of collaboration, awareness, and trust, the USBTA seeks to strengthen the Bomb Disposal Community and enhance public safety.”

This committee of Academia seeks to assess current training in order to apply credit towards continuing education for bomb technicians and educators. They will attempt to review public safety and criminal justice degree programs and training for accreditation. The committee will also provide universities with research topics on explosive compounds and nuclear, chemical, biological, and emerging technology and methodologies for them to subsequently develop new technologies for Public Safety Bomb Technicians and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians to enhance public safety.

The USBTA Academic Steering Committee will be sending out invitations to renowned universities and training institutions to join them as they work to provide opportunities to gain a higher degree of education, the latest in research, and the newest technology to combat terrorist attacks.

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